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New Century Mayor Asks for Help from Consultant to Run Town


Century, FL (Newsradio 92.3) -- The newly appointed mayor in Century is asking for help -- Interim Mayor Luis Gomez Jr. says he's in over his head and needs a consultant to help him run the town. That's what Gomez told the town council shortly after being sworn in earlier this week.

He's asking the town to hire consultant Robert Thompson to help him run the city as he gets up to speed. Gomez will serve as Mayor for at least three months until a permanent Mayor can be elected, and Gomez's former town council seat can be filled in a special election.

There's no word on what it would cost the town to hire the consultant recommended by Gomez -- it would reportedly depend on the scope of work the city decides on. Gomez replaced former Mayor Ben Boutwell, who surprisingly entered his resignation letter last month.


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