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ADX Digital

ADX Digital is about making sure your brand is reenforced everywhere. 


Our digital platform allows us to target your message to your ideal potential customer with messages across all devices based on behaviors, keywords, artificial intelligence and more. We can reach people streaming content through connect devices and TVs, on social media, browsing online or even while playing games online. In the time when uncertainty abounds, be in front of your ideal customer with a message of hope and a reminder their local businesses are there for them in this time. Meet your customers and the community where they are online today.

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Mobile Conquesting

will show your ad to people on their mobile devices (smartphones and tablets), based on  on-line and off-line behaviors.

Native Ads

will be used to place your ads across websites and apps where your ad matches the look, feel and visual context of where they are seen, across all devices.

Behavioral Targeting

will be used to show your ads to potential customers, who have already shown with their online behavior certain interests, across all devices.

Keyword Targeted

ads will be used to show your ads on webpages that contain keywords related to your business, across all devices.


will show your ad to people who have left your website as they visit other websites on the web, across all devices.

Social Mirror

look like your social media display, video, or story posts but appear on other websites and apps and run across all devices. 

Pre-Roll Video Ads

can be used to show your :15 or :30 pre-roll ad (ads that run before the content) to potential customers meeting your specific criteria, across all devices.

OTT Video Ads

will be placed in video programming transmitted via the Internet watched on any type of internet connected device including Connected TVs and will be :15 or :30 ads.

Geo Framing

is when we go back in time to previous events where we have captured people’s mobile Device ID’s, mapping those to their homes, and showing them ads now.

All-Device Geo-Fencing

we will draw a virtual fence around an area or locations and show your display or video ad, to people inside that “fence” and across all devices and continue to Retarget those people.

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