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Pensacola, FL (Newsradio 92.3) -- A 24 year-old man is facing trial this week for allegedly causing a deadly high-speed crash in 2021. Zhonterius Jones is facing charges of vehicular homicide for the deaths of Demetrius Anderson and Demarius Nickerson. A third man in the car, Lewis Finklea was paralyzed. The crash happened back in December of 2021. During the early morning hours, investigators say that after the four left Seville Quarter, the car Jones was driving was traveling 124 miles per hour when it crashed into two buildings on Beverly Parkway. According to Channel 3, Finklea testified that on the way to Seville, he posted a video to Snapchat when Jones was driving 150 mph, and that he included the caption "let me out, your trying to kill me"


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