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"Operation Kessel Run" Nets 12 Arrests in Escambia County

A total of 12 men are accused of trying to meet up with minors for sex as part of a sting operation in Escambia County. The Florida Department of Law Enforcement says they led an 11-agency team in "Operation Kessel Run", where investigators posed as 13 and 14-year-olds online. Five of the men arrested were from Pensacola: 57-year-old Darryl Hart, 52-year-old Randy Powell, 28-year-old Jordan Belton, 64-year-old William Nordstrom, and 32-year-old Jamaine Johnson. While other suspects were from Northwest Florida, others came from as far away as Slidell, LA and Hoover, AL.

(photo credit: WEAR 3)


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