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NAS Pensacola Posts Teaser for Homecoming Air Show

Pensacola, FL (Newsradio 92.3) -- It's official this morning -- NAS Pensacola now confirms that the US Air Force Thunderbirds will also be involved in this year's Blue Angels Homecoming Airshow. The airshow will happen on November 1st and 2nd. The NAS posted a new video highlighting the Thunderbirds and the Blue Angels on the flight line, and in the air this morning. The video then displays the Homecoming Air Show logo and the text "Celebrating One Small Step."

There had been some speculation since last Friday when the NAS posted a similar video that just showed a still photo of the Angels and Thunderbirds flying in formation together. The NAS says they are proud to be able to host a family-friendly event showcasing the capabilities of both the Navy and Air Force teams -- as well as the civilian performers.


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