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Meet Your Tenant Commands

Updated: Jul 12

The purpose of this series of interviews is to give the commanding officers of the extremely diverse military missions at Naval Air Station Pensacola, Naval Air Station Whiting Field, Navy Hospital Pensacola, and Corry Station a chance to tell the public what they do and why it's important to the overall military mission. Episode 1:  Aviation Training Pipeline Overview with USN Captain Scott “Mongo” Janik


Episode 2:  Naval Aviation Schools Command with USN Captain Brad “Redman” Arthur


Episode 3  Training Air Wing Five with USMC Colonel Anthony “Fes” Krockel


Episode 4  Training Air Wing Six with USN Captain Doug “Cricket” White


Episode 5  479th Flying Training Wing with USAF Colonel Shawn “Shamus” Muscato


Episode 6 MATSG-21 with USMC Colonel Aaron “Chet” Brunk

Episode 7 Naval Hospital Pensacola with Captain Scott Coon


Episode 8 NETC with Rear Admiral Jeff “Caesar” Czerewko


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