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ECUA: Don't Put Batteries in Recycling

Escambia County, FL (Newsradio 92.3) -- ECUA's material recycling facility had to shut down for a day earlier this month after a rechargable battery someone had put in their recycling caused a fire. ECUA leaders say you need to make sure you're not putting batteries into the recycling can.

"We collect almost forty pounds of batteries that come through that facility on a daily basis," ECUA Executive Director Bruce Woody tells Newsradio. "Please do not put your batteries (in your recycling)... those are not recyclable through our facility."

Woody says you should take batteries to the Escambia County hazardous materials disposal site at the Perdido Landfill. There's no charge to take items to the hazardous material site for county residents -- although they don't accept items from businesses.


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