Santa Rosa Commission Chairman Sam Parker tells NewsRadio that one of the items on the agenda this morning is far from a perfect solution, but he thinks it is the best of the alternatives. The School District wants to use a parcel of land to the west of Woodbine Road south of Chumuckla Highway for the development of 1-2 schools to serve Pace. Unfortunately one of the legal issues is that a school needs to have two entrances, and the available property only accesses Woodbine by one future

road. To solve this problem, the Commission is planning to agree to a request from the School Board to allow a water retention pond at the back end of Joanna Drive be converted to a second exit for the school(s). Parker says Superintendent Tim Wyrosdick has told him this will only be used for buses, but given that it is a dead end now, it will certainly change the character of that small neighborhood. As an alternative, access could be made from Vinewood Drive, but it would cost $375,000 more, according to Commission documents. This item is on the agenda this morning for the 900 AM committee meeting and again on Thursday at the 900 AM regular (voting) meeting.

NOTE In the largest drawing, the yellow is property owned by the School District. The Blue indicates the proposed easement / cutthrough to Joanna. The Red represents the alternative to Vinewood.