Valerie’s House – Volunteer Training Saturday, July 30th

Losing a loved one is hard to talk about, but at Valerie’s House Pensacola, that’s what they do.  1 in 12 kids will lose their parent or sibling before their 18th birthday.

The sole purpose of Valerie’s House is helping children work through their grief, following the traumatic

loss of a parent or sibling. They utilize regular peer-to-peer support groups so children know they are not alone and provides a safe space for kids to share their feelings – the good and the bad.

Volunteer for Valerie’s House Pensacola and make a difference in a grieving child’s life. Volunteer training is taking place on Saturday, July 3oth

 Make an impact in a grieving child’s life? Now is your chance!

Reach out today by visiting, to learn more


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