Andrew McKay 10/09/19

The ACT will be changing some testing options for students beginning in September 2020:

  1. SUPER-SCORING A practice done with the SAT for years, super-scoring allows a student to combine the best score for a section from one test date with the best score for a different section from another test date.  Some universities require you to submit all your scores in addition to considering the superscore so they can evaluate the superscore in context.

ANALYSIS:  It remains to be seen whether universities will be taking these scores, but since this has become a common practice with the SAT, you should expect the answer to be, “Yes.”

  1. SINGLE-SECTION RETESTING: Students who want to improve just one area of their ACT may now do so with a re-test.

ANALYSIS:  This clearly works hand-in-glove with super-scoring to allow a student to take multiple shots at getting their best possible score in a particular part of the test they may not be as strong at when taking the test as a whole.

  1. ONLINE RESULTS: Students may opt to receive their scores digitally rather than by paper, as quickly as two days after taking the test.
    ANALYSIS:  With the test fresh in mind, this could possibly allow you to study for subsequent tests more strategically.  It would also possibly allow you to more quickly register for other tests.

Overall analysis:  Aside from bringing the ACT more in line with the SAT, this will certainly encourage students to take more tests, which will generate significant revenue for ACT.

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