Podcast: The Garden Line

The Garden Line, hosted by Mike Wiggins on the Pensacola Expert Panel with Ruthie Cee

11/01/22 – The Garden Line – Mike Wiggins

Genna Barr
Pink Muhly grass tips: Don’t over water, pure sun and well drained soil. Ornamental grass: Purple fountain grass White fountain grass Pampas grass Miscanthus...

10/25/22 – The Garden Line – Mike and Genna

Genna Barr
Put ultra fine oil on the shopping list this week!!!! 4 Things we need to do for our shrubs this Fall: 1. Fertilize 2....

10/18/22 – The Garden Line – Mike Wiggins

Genna Barr
Bring your Norfork Island pine inside. It’s only cold tolerate to 45 degrees. Looking for some color in your yard? Try pansies!...