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02/23/21 – Winning with Annalee

Davis Allen
Annalee Leonard, Founder and President of Mainstay Financial Group and Bob Beargie, Investment Advisor talk about protecting your investments during uncertain times and changes in...

02/05/21 – Valerie’s House

Davis Allen
Christa Brandt of Valerie’s House Pensacola expresses the need for grief counseling for children in our community. She and her colleague, Miranda, share their mission...

02/11/21 – Rollins Distillery

Davis Allen
Patrick Rollins, co-owner of Rollins Distillery in Gulf Breeze, FL joins us to share the history behind Rollins, the process of distilling spirits, and the...

02/03/21 – Terrence A. Gross

Davis Allen
Terrence A. Gross from Gross and Schuster Law Firm explains the importance of Pet Liability on your home owner’s insurance. He shares stories and scenarios...