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Council on Aging Senior Chill Out – Friday, June 7th

The annual Pete Moore Automotive Team Senior Chill Out, a one-day donation drive for new air conditioners, fans and funds to help seniors beat the heat, will be held by Council on Aging of West Florida, WEAR ABC 3, WFGX 35, Cat Country 98.7, NewsRadio 92.3, and Lowe’s Home Improvement on Friday, June 7. The event will take place at area Lowe’s stores (Fairfield Drive, Airport Boulevard, and Nine Mile Road in Pensacola; Highway 98 in Gulf Breeze; and Highway 90 in Pace) from 6 am to 6 pm. The community is encouraged to donate at the event to help seniors who experience dangerous health complications during stifling summer months. Monetary contributions are also appreciated and can be made at the event or online at  


According to the Federal Emergency Management Agency, extreme heat often results in the highest annual number of deaths among all weather-related disasters. Those age 65 and older are particularly vulnerable to the adverse effects of excessive heat due to their body’s decreased ability to regulate temperature, along with medical conditions and prescription medicines that can impair their ability to feel hot or even perspire. This can lead to dangerous conditions like heat exhaustion and heat stroke, which can be fatal. 


“Air conditioning can be lifesaving during the peak of summer, and the temperature is already ramping up,” said Emily Echevarria, marketing communications director for Council on Aging. “The need is so great for those that are susceptible to heat-related complications and that don’t have air conditioning in their homes. We’re incredibly grateful for the turnout each year from our caring community who make such a positive impact for vulnerable seniors.”  


Each year, hundreds of local elders aged 60 and older are helped through the program. In 2023, Council on Aging helped more than 700 at-risk older adults avoid the hazardous effects of heat-related health complications, keeping them safe and cool in their homes. 


Information on heat stress and heat stroke will be available at the event, as well as information on how our community’s seniors can receive donated AC units and fans. Fans and ACs will not be distributed during the event on June 7. Individuals interested in receiving a fan and/or AC should call Council on Aging at (850) 432-1475 beginning June 10. Only individuals ages 60 and older will qualify.  


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