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Civil Lawsuit Filed in Meth-Laced Hibachi Incident


Pace, FL (Newsradio 92.3) -- We're seeing reports from the PNJ that three of the people poisoned by meth while eating Nikkos Japanese Steakhouse in Pace earlier this year have now filed a civil lawsuit. Brandon and Jordan Gray, and their friend Mathew Gilley have reportedly filed a lawsuit seeking over $ 100 thousand dollars in damages. They have hired attorneys at "The Watson Firm" to represent them in the case. The restaurant has denied all the allegations made against them and says the plaintiffs were poisoned due to their own negligence.

The three that have filed the lawsuit, a fourth person, and another family of four were all at the same Hibachi table last June, and all of them ended up sick and at the hospital where everyone tested positive for meth. The case was investigated but Santa Rosa County detectives closed the case because of a lack of evidence. Shortly after, the steakhouse closed and said the media had brutally harassed them regarding the incident.


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