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Century Responds to FDEP Violations


Century, FL (Newsradio 92.3) -- The town of Century is responding to allegations from the Florida Department of Environmental Protection that sampling and lab data are being falsified by their municipal water system. FDEP says they identified the falsified data among other violations in a letter sent to Mayor Luis Gomez Jr. last month. According to North-Escambia, the town says no data was falsified, but admits that an entry was made on the wrong date and then moved. The city says changes will be made in how data is entered. The violations were listed in a letter sent to the city last month -- they included safety equipment violations, not having enough chlorine in the water, A drum with an unknown substance being stored in a town well, and various other small violations. Mayor Gomez says despite FDEP's findings, the city's water is safe to drink. The town council has retained a law firm out of Tallahassee to address the issues with DEP.


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