Andrew McKay 11/12/19

Escambia County Sheriff’s Office Chief Deputy Chip Simmons says the reports about the homicide that took place at the Pensacola Beach Hilton Sunday are essentially correct.  Two officers from the small town of Mannford, Oklahoma were here to attend a public safety conference, got into some sort of an argument that led to a fight, and Officer Michael Patrick Nealey ended up killing his Chief and close friend, Lucky Miller.  Simmons confirms to NewsRadio that alcohol was a factor in the altercation, although they are still waiting for official toxicology reports to indicate amount.  Simmons also says no weapons were used, although the autopsy is pending.  As for motive or particulars, he says that remains to be determined.

Q / BLOUNT SHOOTING:  The victim was grazed in the head with a non-life-threatening wound and was, in fact, talking with deputies at the scene.  Simmons says they are working on a suspect, but did not have any details to be disclosed at this time.

SNAPCHAT SCAM:  Several local teens reported being contacted by someone claiming to be a friend locked out of their Snapchat account and asking to borrow a password to fix the problem.  The friends did so and found themselves locked out of thei own accounts and then extorted by threats to make their private photos public.  Simmons says to never give your passwords to anyone online.

K-9 MARIJUANA TRAINING:  Following yesterday’s news that Santa Rosa County Sheriff Bob Johnson believes legalization is coming to Florida and is no longer training his new K-9 officers to alert on marijuana, we asked Chief Simmons about Escambia’s practice.  Simmons confirms his department is following essentially the same practice, with one K-9 currently in training who is not being taught to detect marijuana, more because of the inability to distinguish it from hemp than from a future concern about legalization.  However, Simmons added that the dogs can always be taught later to add a scent but it is virtually impossible to train them to remove a scent from their alert triggers.

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