Edward R Murrow Award Entry 2021 – Hurricane Sally Coverage

NewsRadio92.3 Podcast
NewsRadio92.3 Podcast
Edward R Murrow Award Entry 2021 - Hurricane Sally Coverage

On September 11th 2020, a tropical depression formed in the Gulf of Mexico. Over the weekend, the depression strengthened into Tropical Storm Sally, and then into Hurricane Sally. Originally projected to strike far west of Pensacola, the models pushed farther and farther east and the storm grew from a category 1 to a category 2, finally making landfall only a few mph short of being a category 3. Due to the unpredictable speed and path of the storm, much of the Gulf Coast was unprepared for the havoc the storm would cause, which included rendering one of the main bridges unusable due to construction barges and a crane causing extensive damage. NewsRadio92.3/AM1620 stayed on the air with continuous, intensive coverage to keep the listening area informed. Live news conferences, as well as interviews with local and state politicians, law enforcement, weather experts, and on the scene reporting kept listeners up to date with the latest information.

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