12/03/20 – Climatech of Professional Air – Travis Thompspn

Pensacola Expert Panel
Pensacola Expert Panel
12/03/20 - Climatech of Professional Air - Travis Thompspn

Travis Thompson joins the Pensacola Expert Panel to discuss air purification methods including electronic filters that attract and trap tiny molecules including virus particulates) before they get into the AC system and REME Halo (or similar systems) which uses UV light against a catalyst to create a peroxide effect in the air (which also kills viruses). Travis answers many listener questions about this process such as: Can a REME halo be installed with any existing system? How much does it typically cost? If you have multiple systems for one house, will you need to install multiple REME halos?

Travis answers other questions including what might cause some rooms of your home to be cold while others heat up well; why do the heat strips come on when you adjust the thermostat two degrees; and why one customer installed a high efficiency system but did not see her electric bill decrease – until a few years later when her son moved out of the house!

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