12/15/20 – The Garden Line with Mike Wiggins

The Garden Line
The Garden Line
12/15/20 – The Garden Line with Mike Wiggins

On this episode of the Garden Line presented by Barnes’ Feed Store, Mr.¬† Mike Wiggins and Ruthie Cee discuss:

Recap of camellia show

Best inventions of 2020: The future of farming. Titan FT 35 is a three ton, driverless tractor that uses machine learning and computer vision to eradicate weeds from farmers’ fields with 1 centimeter precision.

Mike answers listener’s questions about sodding St. Augustine an dhow to get rid of dollar weed in centipede.

What do you do if you’ve got huge pots of spent flowers? Take the plant out, and put in a permanent plant like a holly or an upright juniper¬†in the plastic pot and put some mulch around it, and then, when spring time comes, take it out of the big pot and put it into your landscaping.

Alternatively, you could plant pansies (most popular winter annual), petunias, calendulas, and dianthus.

Tips: Keep your Christmas tree watered. Be careful with the water on your Poinsettias – They need good drainage!

Sasanqua camellia shared by a listener:

Catherine’s Peppermint Christmas Cactus:

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