12/01/20 – The Garden Line with Mike Wiggins

The Garden Line
The Garden Line
12/01/20 - The Garden Line with Mike Wiggins

On this episode of the Garden Line, expert Mike Wiggins joins Ruthie Cee to review all the right things to do for our lawns and gardens in cold weather including moving keeping everything well watered before freezing temperatures occur, using a frost cloth to protect tropical and other delicate plants that cannot be moved, and the importance of waiting until spring to prune – even damaged leaves. Mike shares a brief history and tips for care when it comes to Poinsettias and also has suggestions for great holiday gifts for the gardener in your life.


Mike answers listener’s questions about grass: Is it too late to plant sod? Should we water St. Augustine all year? Should we run our sprinkler systems early in the morning, even when the temperatures are freezing? Tune in to find out!

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