12/09/20 – Andrew McKay Analysis – Comments Regarding OLF-8 Planning

Pensacola Morning News
Pensacola Morning News
12/09/20 – Andrew McKay Analysis – Comments Regarding OLF-8 Planning

Andrew breaks down the meeting between the Escambia County Commissioners and members of the DPZ on Tuesday.

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Tom Jardine December 14, 2020 at 1:23 pm

Andrew, DPZ did indeed “under-present” the commerce option. They failed to account for the positive impact of payrolls when ranking the projects.

You are absolutely correct that the commissioners are misguided in their desire to develop the road front lots.

I understand why the commissioners interrupted the presentation. The presenters did not factor in payrolls, and targeted only 1000 new jobs.

The commissioners have limited time in these meetings. I didn’t feel that they were rude. Perhaps they appeared dismissive, but they can only perform the people’s business in the sunshine. They need to discuss matters among one another – they only have that opportunity at board meetings.

They asked DPZ to factor in the impact of payrolls and to target 4000 jobs.

They will meet again in February to discuss this topic further.

There is no reason that the county cannot devise a plan that is tastefully designed, built in concert with nature, off road, with green space, that can attract clean industry, be acceptable to the great people of Beulah, and qualify for the BP oil money grant.

Certainly, earnestly strive to incorporate the people’s input resulting from the charettes, and seek a win-win outcome.


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