11/19/20 – Elite Services Quality Clean – Liz Nims

Our elite cleaning service started out as a company with one goal in mind. We wanted to become the best carpet cleaners Pensacola FL has to offer.
Pensacola Expert Panel
Pensacola Expert Panel
11/19/20 - Elite Services Quality Clean - Liz Nims

Liz Nims joins the Pensacola Expert Panel to share the story of the family team behind Elite Services Quality Clean and their focus on education and service excellence. What started out the of the back of a pickup truck with a portable carpet cleaner has grown into the Elite Services Quality Clean as we know it now: A full-service rug shop. Recently, Liz and the team have tackled projects such as successfully cleaning three 100% silk rugs, re-latexing the back of a wool rug, and removing Hurricane Sally water stains from hand-painted linen draperies.

Exclusively available at Elite Services Quality Clean: Fiber protector. They are licensed and trained to administer this product. The good news is the fiber protector deters dogs (and possibly cats) from going potty on the rug! Liz knows because she and her husband tried it at home with their new pup.

Upholstery, rugs, draperies, tile grout, and even stone floors can all be assessed by the Elite Services Quality Clean team. From small, one-bedroom residential to casino-sized commercial spaces, no job is too big or too small.

Free consultations are available.

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