11/19/20 – Climatech of Professional Air – Travis Thompson

Pensacola Expert Panel
Pensacola Expert Panel
11/19/20 - Climatech of Professional Air - Travis Thompson

On this episode of the Pensacola Expert Panel, Travis Thomas joins the show to discuss:

  • Heat pump myths: People feel drafty, cool air and blame their heat pump. The reality is that improper charging and improper wiring are the real culprits. Our climate is conducive to having a heat pump because the outdoor temperatures are not *too* cold. If you have a system that’s less than 15 years old, give Climatech of Pro Air a call.
  • Outdoor prep for cold weather: Outdoor coil must be clean in the winter just like in the summer. Having the outdoor unit cleaned and inspected (especially if leaves have fallen down to the bottom)
  • Noise from gas furnaces: Gas heaters in generally are a little noisier than heat pumps unless they’re newer such as variable speed, multi-stage, and other ways to modulate for energy efficiency. There may be settings inside the unit that could help reduce the noise.

Travis also answers listener questions about solving the Dirty Sock Syndrome.


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