11/18/20 – Pack-a-Sack – Gracie Coleman & Raegan Jones

Pensacola Expert Panel
Pensacola Expert Panel
11/18/20 - Pack-a-Sack - Gracie Coleman & Raegan Jones

Gracie Coleman, Raegan Jones, and Mr. Lynn Coleman join the Pensacola Expert Panel to share the story of a new non-profit in our community: Pack-A-Sack. This team of two high school students and a dedicated dad is on a mission to maintain the dignity and value of our homeless population while also providing them with a sack lunch and other personal items. The young ladies are now officers in the newly formed 501(c) and talk about why this service work is meaningful to them, what they’ve learned since launching their philanthropic effort back in March, and where they hope to go next. Tune in to learn more about how you can support their work!

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