11/11/20 – Gulf Coast Air Care – Todd. St. Ore’s

Pensacola Expert Panel
Pensacola Expert Panel
11/11/20 - Gulf Coast Air Care - Todd. St. Ore's

Todd St. Ore’s joins the Pensacola Expert Panel to share his experience and expertise in learning the stories of the customers his team has served for almost 27 years here in the panhandle. Todd understands the importance of connecting with a customer’s priorities and who they are, as people, in order to design the best solutions for their indoor air health, safety, and quality. Todd answers listener’s questions about subterranean ducts and top-floor flex lines in a two story home and about the need for duct inspections and cleaning even if you have a UV light on your evaporator coil – all of which the team at Gulf Coast Air Care can help you handle. We’d like to extend a special thank you to Todd for 21 years of service in the Navy both active duty and reserves, and we appreciate the discounted rates available to Veterans at Gulf Coast Air care.

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