11/10/20 – The Garden Line with Mike Wiggins

The Garden Line
The Garden Line
11/10/20 - The Garden Line with Mike Wiggins

Mike Wiggins and Ruthie Cee talk through all the options for beautiful fall annuals and a few perennials that do well here in Zone 9 at this time of year. Examples include pansies, petunias, calendulas, dianthus (aka “pinks” – tune in to learn the why behind that nickname!). They also cover tips about how to eliminate scale on your azaleas, ligustrums, and sagos and the variety of ways to manage weeds. Mike answers listener questions about if we should adjust our mower blade height for the winter (Hint: The answer is NO), if this is a good time of year to mulch/pine straw (Hint: The answer is YES), and if you should use leftover storm debris that’s piled up in your neighborhood in your yard (Hint: The answer is NO).

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