08/20/21 – The Wrap – Alan Gray – Butch Hansen

Andrew McKay
Pensacola Morning News
Pensacola Morning News
08/20/21 - The Wrap - Alan Gray - Butch Hansen

Andrew wraps up the week with Alan Gray and Butch Hansen. Recapping Sheriff Morgan’s statue-gate, Alan and Butch make suggestions about what to do with statues of themselves. To put your face on the bus, billboards or benches, THAT is the question. In downtown, the roundabout is not reporting any accidents. The roundabout is nearing its finishing date. What problems could be solved with the roundabout? Where are other areas in our area that could benefit from a roundabout? Butch shares his thoughts on the recent and current Afghanistan. In local news, the Skate Park is coming and over budget, but Alan is all for this addition to our community. Butch brings in the cost side.

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