08/11/21 – FDOH – Marie Mott

Pensacola Expert Panel
Pensacola Expert Panel
08/11/21 - FDOH - Marie Mott

Marie MottĀ  is joined by Shandra Smiley with Community Health of NW Florida to discuss COVID and health in NW FL. Shandra addresses health, safety and COVID in our community. Shandra shares about the importance of vaccinations, and how accessible they are. Marie and Shandra remind community members to stay safe and practice basic hygiene protocols. Shandra shares where you can get your vaccination this month. 850-439-3358 is the number to call for appointments. They do ask for appointments, so they can appropriately social distance individuals as they wait. To find your vaccine site, go to or

Christine Frier talks hurricane preparedness. The best way to prepare is to have a plan. Food, medication, etc. are important. The interactive “Get a Plan” tool helps you customize your family’s plan. is the best place to go. Also, be prepared with your person hurricane kit. Including all your basic needs for 7 days. The items include water, non perishable food, cooking tools, flash lights, batteries, first aid, medications, battery operated radio, toiletries, cash, important documents, plastic waterproof container for storage, pet supplies, and a current picture of you and your pet. Visit for more resources.

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