05/11/21 – Chip Simmons – Sheriff of Escambia County

Pensacola Morning News
Pensacola Morning News
05/11/21 - Chip Simmons - Sheriff of Escambia County

Sheriff Simmons joins the Pensacola Morning News to discuss the fuel shortage throughout Escambia County and his deputies not having to be involved in assisting traffic at gas stations, an investigation into a man that walked into the hospital with a gunshot wound after shots were heard Broadmoor Lane and Barrancas Avenue, the horrible shooting incident where a man was showing off his new gun to his girlfriend and while putting the gun away, the gun discharged and struct and killed the two-year old daughter of the girlfriend. The man was eventually arrested after fleeing the scene. Sheriff Simmons also discusses the incident that occurred last week where a woman shot and killed a man in self-defense after he broke into her home and attempted violence.

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