04/18/22 – 80th Anniversary of Doolittle Raid on Japan

B-25 Mitchell medium bombers on the deck of the carrier Hornet before performing the first Allied attack on Tokyo.
Pensacola Morning News
Pensacola Morning News
04/18/22 - 80th Anniversary of Doolittle Raid on Japan

By Andrew McKay
Today is the anniversary of one of the most daring and effective air raids in military history.  On April 18, 1942, just five months after the attack at Pearl Harbor, a group of American Air Force pilots who trained at Eglin Air Force Base under supervision by an NAS Pensacola flight instructor put sixteen B-25s on an aircraft carrier, sailed into the Pacific, and launched a surprise attack on Japanese military targets touted as being unreachable by the Americans.  Psychologically for both the Americans and the Japanese, this was one of the most significant moments of the War in the Pacific.

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