04/07/22 – Autism Pensacola – Executive Director Mary McClellan

Pensacola Expert Panel
Pensacola Expert Panel
04/07/22 - Autism Pensacola - Executive Director Mary McClellan

1 out of 44 individuals have Autism. 40% are nonverbal and 44% have average or above average intellectual ability. April is Autism Acceptance Month. On this episode of Pensacola Expert Panel, we show our support.

Mary McClellan is the Executive Director  for Autism Pensacola. It is Autism Acceptance Month and Child Abuse Awareness Month. She is joined by Stacey Kostevicki, Executive Director of Gulf Coast Kids House to discuss how both topics go hand in hand.

Lt. Jimmy Donohoe shares about the “Emergency Kit Bags” that are being distributed throughout the city to First Responders to help calm down an individual in an emergency. This bag unpacks massive change in emergencies, lessening the trauma with abuse cases, de-escalation, and provides training for first responders in a situation where Autism is present.

Mary discusses “Project Lifesaver” partnering with Escambia Search and Rescue and the “Take Me Home” program.

Mary also shares about community fundraising. Come out Saturday Night, April 9th in Downtown Pensacola!

Fallon Lewing and Michelle Scott Louing join Mary to invite you to the Saenger Theatre for the Michael Jackson, Thrilling Tribute! For info and tickets:


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