02/14/22 Commentary: Escambia’s Proposed Resign To Run Rule

Andrew McKay
Pensacola Morning News
Pensacola Morning News
02/14/22 Commentary: Escambia's Proposed Resign To Run Rule

By Andrew McKay
The Escambia County Commission voted last week to schedule a public hearing on an ordinance that would prohibit County employees from running for County Commission seats unless they first resign from their jobs.  The alternate proposal was to prohibit them running for any elected office, but they opted to advance the version that only prevents employees trying to win the Commissioner’s seats away from them.  I listened to the arguments for this plan and explained why I believe all the justifications don’t make sense and why County employees would actually make the best candidates because they know the most about how local government works and are passionate enough about it to serve in it.

Note:  I don’t normally podcast monologues, but several listeners asked me to share this one, so here it is.

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