01/07/21 – Claimology – Matthew Vanderford & Ken Larson

Pensacola Expert Panel
Pensacola Expert Panel
01/07/21 - Claimology - Matthew Vanderford & Ken Larson

Matthew Vanderford of Claimology and Ken Larson, owner of Dry Standard Inspections and expert in microbial growth remediation, join the Pensacola Expert Panel to discuss how the restoration industry has changes significantly, particularly when it comes to standards of care for contractors, which Ken helped write.

Ken and Matthew agree: We speak for the property because the property can’t speak for itself.

There is a trend happening in the panhandle: Contractors are trying to find ways to avoid doing everything that needs to be done on a repair job. They remind listeners that these standards are set by OSHA and are NOT “just guidelines”.

To reach Ken Larson, you can text or call (817) 542-1189 or search for Dry Standard Inspections.

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