01/05/21 – The Garden Line with Mike Wiggins

The Garden Line
The Garden Line
01/05/21 – The Garden Line with Mike Wiggins

On this episode of The Garden Line presented by Barnes Feed Store, Mike Wiggins is joined by Ruthie Cee and new expert on the panel, Genna, to continue the conversation on New Year’s Resolutions for Gardening and some do’s and don’ts.

  • Chemical use: More is not better. Use as directed, as minimally as possible, and at the right time of year.
    • Integrated pest management: Don’t spray, treat, or fertilize areas that don’t need it!
    • Mark your calendar: February 15 is the time to put on pre-emergence herbicide to keep the weed seeds from germinating.
    • Be careful about spraying post emergence weed killers because it may damage the turf while it’s dormant.
    • Avoid Weed & Feed. the pre-emergence is OK but the fertilizer will be way too early.
  • YOU can help storm water situations: Mulching with pine straw helps keep dirt and soil in place.
    • Don’t put large bags of trash in the street because they may be swept by street sweepers
    • If you blow the leaves into the street, rake them up and bag them. Don’t leave them in the drains!
  • Tis the season to talk crape myrtle pruning
    • Option 1: Prune on new growth = shape better, bloom longer
    • Option 2: Top it (aka crape murder) = spindly growth, spindly limbs, tree is not shaped
    • Option 3: Talk to your nurseryman (the person selling you crape myrtles) and learn the different varieties of crape myrtles
  • Landscaping
    • Consider drought-tolerant plants in Pensacola
      • Muhly grass
      • Purple fountain grass
      • Pampas grass
      • Lantana – Perennial
      • Vinca – Annual (aka periwinkle)
      • Dwarf yaupon – Ilex vomitoria
        • Ilex  is a broad term meaning holly
      • Flax lily
      • Dwarf oleander
  • To Do:
    • Get the soil test
    • Plant bulbs if you haven’t yet!



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