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Pensacola’s Mayor Mike Wiggins is also Pensacola’s Gardener in Chief.

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Prior to joining NewsRadio1620 ▪ FM92.3 in 2015, Mike hosted ‘The Garden Spot’ on BLAB TV for 28 years. Prior to BLAB, he hosted a call-in gardening show on another Pensacola radio station.

Mike has more than four decades in horticulture, including retail sales and landscape contracting.  For 20 years, he was the owner of Wiggins Lawn Spray Service.

He’s also been devoted to the civic life of Pensacola for many, many years. This includes

Serving as a member of the Pensacola City Council for 14 years and serving as the Mayor for two years. He is a past president of the Pensacola State College Foundation Board of Governors, a member of ARC Gateway’s Board of Directors, a Paul Harris Fellow-Five Flags Rotary.

And, sometime during all of this, he found time to be married to Mary Ellen Wiggins, a retired elementary school principal, and ‘grand-fathered’ ten children!

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