NAS PENSACOLA: 1130 AM Sunday Press Conference Notes

Andrew McKay 12/08/19

Larry Keefe, US Attorney: 

  • There is no ongoing threat to the community
  • 24/7 resources are in place.
  • Comfortable for any member of his family to be out in public
  • Praises herosim of ECSO deputies and military security forces.

Rachel Rojas, FBI Special Agent In Charge Jacksonville: 

  • Robustly praises Escambia County Sheriff’s training and heroism of deputies in response.
  • Confirms identity of shooter as 21 year-old 2nd Lieutenant in Royal Saudi Air Force who was a student Naval Flight Officer (NFO, Back Seat) at Naval Aviation Schools Command
  • Asks for patience on motive investigation
  • Several Saudi students were close to the shooter who continue to cooperate with investigation
  • Saudi CO has restricted all Saudi students to Base.
  • Investigators working both the terrorism and also criminal dimensions of the case, open to whichever direction the investigation leads them
  • Working on the premise this is was an act of terrorism, which is the standard assumption in cases like this.
  • No information supporting an ongoing credible threat to our community.
  • Working to discern any ideology behind the attack.
  • 80 special agents and investigators by FBI, plus many resources by ATF, NCIS, HSI, FDLE, and state and local agencies.
  • Continuing to conduct interviews of classmates and associates.
  • Trying to confirm whether he acted alone or with others.
  • Only one gunman, and no arrests have been made in this case.
  • Nothing you have seen is too small to be reported.  1 800 CALL FBI
  • Glock 45 9mm was lawfully purchased and was the weapon used.  Purchased in Florida.
  • Refuses to comment on reports of dinner party with videos watched or of students recording the attack or any other aspect of the investigation so far.
  • Working with every single international partner available.

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