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Man Being Treated After Jumping From Navarre Beach Causeway


A Panama City man is getting the treatment he needs after jumping from the Navarre Beach Causeway this weekend.

It all happened on Saturday — resulting in an hours-long backup for traffic hoping to get to Navarre Beach. FHP says the man had already been involved in a crash while driving a Uhaul box truck, when he drove into the oncoming lane and got out of the vehicle while it was still moving. He then jumped off the bridge. He was quickly pulled from the water by some local boaters who gave him CPR and got him to paramedics…

“He was in a bad place,” said Guy Michael, he and his wife were the quick-thinking boaters that possibly saved the man’s life.  “I just told him you’re not alone brother, you’re not alone.” Guy and his wife pulled the man from the water, gave him CPR, and got him to paramedics at a nearby boat ramp.

FHP says they are still investigating what happened — as for criminal charges, they say that will be determined later. But for now, the man is receiving both physical and mental health treatment.

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