Andrew McKay  09/27/19

Following NewsRadio’s conversation Monday with Santa Rosa County Commission Chairman Sam Parker, the residents of Joanna Drive off Woodbine Road became aware that there was a plan to turn their sleepy cul-de-sac community into a school access through-street.  As a result, they called, emailed, and then showed up yesterday at the Commission meeting.  In response, the School Board has now adjusted their request of the Commission in the following ways:

–They promise to aggressively pursue other means of egress from the future school(s) property to the Northeast via Vinewood or the Northwest via Southfork.

–They hope to never even need to construct a connector road through the retention pond at the back end of Joanna

–They promise (and will agree in writing) to restrict the use of the Joanna connector to ONLY emeregencies and to have a locked and gated entrance to that connector.  Assistant Superintendent Joey Harrell says the Pace Fire Department is satisfied with this option

The decision to allow this emergency access to Joanna through the now-retention pond will be finally decided at the October 24 Commission meeting.

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