Genna Barr

Genna Barr is the host of the Pensacola Expert Panel!
Although originally from New Jersey where she loves hiking, pizza and frequent trips to NYC; Genna has fallen in love with the Gulf Coast. In fact, when she isn’t hosting PEP Talk or her television show on CTN, she can be found at any of our beaches nearby. Yes, she has found her favorite pizza place, but also has been charmed by the beautiful downtown Pensacola.
Genna is a mom first to three amazing children, and an advocate second. She works part-time raising awareness for human trafficking with several amazing local organizations.
Being the outgoing people-person she is, hosting PEP Talk and helping people improve their lifestyles is a perfect fit for her.
She invites you to not only listen, but join the conversation daily, 9-11am. We are all have a purpose and play an important part in our community, and together we can keep it thriving!

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