EXCLUSIVE: PPD Acting Chief Discusses Termination of Detective Siemen for Shooting and Killing Tymar Crawford

Andrew McKay 10/04/19

Pensacola Police Department Acting Chief Chuck Mallett and Public Information Officer Mike Wood were in studio with Andrew McKay this morning to discuss the shooting and the subsequent termination yesterday.

New information about the shooting itself include:

–The weapon was a taser and not a gun,

–The taser was taken away from an unidentified officer

–Former Detective Siemen was not the officer who had the taser taken away.

Without being able to do into more detail about the incident itself because of the need to preserve the legal process working its way out with the State Attorney’s Office, Chief Mallett and Officer Wood nevertheless addressed many questions about use of force training, racial bias training, and how PPD has been handling this incident internally.

Listen to full interview here:

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