Business Address:
NewsRadio92.3 ▪ AM1620
7251 Plantation Rd.
Pensacola, FL 32504


Business Line: (850) 262-6000
Studio Line: (850) 437-1620
Text to Studio and NewsRoom: (850) 437-1620
Newsroom: (850) 262-6119
Report Traffic & News: (850) 262-6111
Business Fax: (850) 494-0778



General Manager Mary Hoxeng
Market Sales Manager Jeff Wayne
NewsRadio Sales Taska King
Digital Sales Manager Cali Scully
Digital Sales Assistant Hayley Johnson
Operations Manager Kevin King
Program Director
Production Paul Stadden
Engineering & Technical Jeff Kofsky


Talk Hosts:

Andrew McKay Pensacola Morning News
Genna Barr Pensacola Expert Panel
Bobby Rossi Pensacola Right Now



Mark Jacobs Morning News Anchor
David Wayne  Mid-Day News Anchor
Gracie Wolf  Afternoon Traffic