Andrew McKay 10/26/19

The UWF Field House was packed today with Middle and High School Students, all competing in the Best Robotics regional event, sponsored by Gulf Power, UWF, and the Escambia County School District and organized by Auburn University.  In the course of this competition, teams of students from across the Panhandle perform a variety of tasks related to this year’s task of restoring order after a storm.  They build a robot which will then string power lines at various heights, deliver components autonomously, collect debris, lay conduit, and place transformers on poles.  But in addition to building and driving the robot, teams will also write an engineering notebook, conduct a marketing presentation, design T-shirts, build a website, and show sportsmanship.  In the end, a variety of awards are given, including the BEST awards, which grade teams on the entirety of their work.  The top groups then get to compete at Auburn University on December 7-8 against teams from across the country.

This years award-winners were:

Robotics Game Award (Who does the best in the robot competition)

  1. West Florida High School
  2. Northwest Florida Robot Spot (Homeschool)
  3. Pensacola Catholic High School
  4. Tate High School

BEST Award (The all-around award)

  1. Pensacola Catholic High School
  2. Woodlawn Beach Middle School
  3. Northwest Florida Robot Spot (Homeschool)
  4. Seacoast Collegiate High School

Teams Advancing to Auburn:
Pensacola Catholic High School
Woodlawn Beach Middle School
Northwest Florida Robot Spot (Homeschool)
West Florida High School
Tate High School
Honorable Mention Invitational  Saturday:  King Middle School

Founders Award for Creative Design:  Northwest Florida Robot Spot (Homeschool)

Most Robust Machine:  West Florida High School

Most Photogenic Machine:  Northwest Florida Robot Spot (Homeschool)

Gulf Power Blood, Sweat, and Duct Tape Award:  Pine Forest High School

Best Teamwear Design: 

  1. Pace High School
  2. Northwest Florida Robot Spot (Homeschool)
  3. Episcopal Day School

Web Page Design Award:  Northwest Florida Robot Spot (Homeschool)

CAD Award:  Pensacola Catholic High School

Best Spirit and Sportsmanship: 

  1. Northwest Florida Robot Spot (Homeschool)
  2. Woodlawn Beach Middle School
  3. Beulah Middle School

Best Team Exhibits and Interview

  1. Pensacola High School
  2. Seacoast Collegiate High School
  3. Woodlawn Beach Middle School

Best Marketing Presentation

  1. Seacoast Collegiate High School
  2. Northwest Florida Robot Spot (Homeschool)
  3. Pensacola High School

Best Project Engineering Notebook

  1. Seacoast Collegiate High School
  2. King Middle School
  3. Pensacola Catholic High School

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